Every new parent will eventually ask the question, "What should I put on my baby registry?" When I got pregnant, I received a lot of  advice on what I should register for. The advice proved helpful but what I wanted was a basic list. 

Now that I am a parent, I get asked the baby registry question often. So I have compiled a list of basic recommendations.  Please remember that every baby and family is different. So you might need more than what is listed. If you have a recommendation, please leave a comment!

  • Bath Time – I recommend registering for a set of wash clothes and towels.  Also, some bath soap and a couple of bath time toys.  A bathtub is also helpful. I really love our Fisher Price whale bath tub.

  • Bibs

  • Blankets - Swaddle blankets are wonderful!  I recommend Bambino Land or Aden + Anais. Whatever blanket you register for, make sure it’s around 47" X 47".  Not only will it last a long time but you can also fold to make it warmer.  Invest in good swaddle blankets, they are worth it. Swaddle Me's and Halo sacks are also very nice for a newborn.

  • Bottles - Every baby is different. Peanut really likes Dr. Browns and Avent. Gerber comes in third. On a side note, these three bottle brands are not made in China.

  • Bottle Brush Cleaner

  • Bottle Straps 

  • Breastfeeding - Medela is a great breast pump.  There bottles and all other supplies are really great too. A breast feeding pillow is very helpful. Boppy is really nice. 

  • Burp Clothes 

  • Car seat – Or register for a Travel System that includes a car seat and stroller. If you have more than one car, register for an extra base. This will be a huge time saver. 

  • Car seat canopy – Only if your baby will be an infant during the winter months. 

  • Changing Table - It was one of our best buys. It is so helpful!

  • Clothes – You do not need a crazy about of clothing. Your LO will grow so fast!  With that said, register for some onesies, sleepers, a layette and couple of cute outfits. One thing we love are sleepers with zippers.  

  • Crib and Bedding – Crib, crib mattress, mobile, and at least two of the following: waterproof mattress protectors and fitted sheets. If you wish to register for bedding set please remember that you can not put pillows, bumper and etc. in your crib until the baby is much older. 

  • Diapers – Because you don’t know which will best for your baby register for a wide range.

  • Diaper Bag – Register for a really good diaper bag. This will be money well spent. Some great brands include Ju-Ju-Be and Petunia Pickle Bottom.  A warning, these two brands are expensive.

  • Diaper Trash Can – Some people have said to skip getting a diaper trash can but it was one of our best gifts.  We have a Dekor and love it.

  • Diaper Rash Cream - Olive oil is a great natural alternative to diaper cream.

  • Feeding Sets - Spoons, bowl, and plates

  • First-Aide/Infant Care Kit

  • Hangers - Infant size of course!

  • Highchair

  • Humidifier - During the winter months this really helps with stuffy noses. You can't really give your baby much in the way of medications so most doctors suggest getting a humidifier. Crane is a pretty good brand and they have some cuties. 

  • Lamp/Nightlight 

  • Lotions, bathing, etc – Register for a gift set that includes Lotions, bath soap, etc.

  • Medication - Have MYLICON gas drops and Grip Water on standby. Also, some baby Tylenol. 

  • Monitor

  • Pacifiers 

  • Pacifier clips 

  • Personal Carrier - We love our Baby Bjorn but there are many options out there. 

  • Rocking Chair/Glider for mommy

  • Safety Equipment – Outlet plugs, door locks (especially cabinet doors), gates, faucet guards/covers, etc.

  • Sippy Cups 

  • Stroller  - If not asking for a travel system, register for an umbrella stroller.

  • Teething - Go ahead be prepared for teething. Register for teethers, orajel, and infant toothbrush. More natural options include Amber teething necklaces and teething tablets. 

  • Toys - Rock and Play, a swing, and a floor gym for newborns. They really are lifesaver.  A bouncer or exersaucer is great for 3m+. Also, register for a good rattler. Not one you can barely hear. Get one that is loud. Books are also really nice to have. Also, just a few small toys like Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, Bendy Ball and Sassy Ring O’ Links. 

  • Wipes

You can registers for most of these items at Target, Babies-r-Us, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart.
Do Not Register For:

  • Bottle Warmer
  • Forehead/Ear/Pacifier Thermometer - These are expensive and not accurate. Just a cheap digital thermometer works best.
  • Wipe Warmer

Fellow Mommas, did I forget something? Please leave a comment and let us know!


***Mommas Helping Mommas did NOT receive any compensation in exchange for any of the recommended items in this list. 

10/18/2013 9:29am

That is a nice comprehensive list.

10/18/2013 11:25am

Thank you Jessica!

10/19/2013 2:39pm

This is a nice, extensive list! I still find it funny though that the parents-to-be spend so much time and effort looking for the specific things they want and people will just disregard the registry anyway! Well, maybe not so much funny as annoying, haha!

10/27/2013 2:41pm

So true! Many do just disregard the list. I know most people at my baby shower just got what they thought we needed. It was a little annoying. LOL~Amber


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